It was suddenly organized when word leaked out that Nike is opening a massive 6-story retail complex this weekend at 529 Broadway (n.w. corner of Spring) contrary to the zoning law – and Mayor de Blasio’s Buildings Department is permitting it, despite opposition from our elected officials, SoHo activists and the community board.
When: Thursday, November 10 at 2pm
Where: NYC Department of Buildings, 280 Broadway at Chambers Street
Who: State Senator Daniel Squadron
          Assemblymember Deborah Glick
          Borough President Gale Brewer
          Councilmember Margaret Chin
          Community Board 2 Chair Tobi Bergman
Sean Sweeney, Director
SoHo Alliance
SoHo residents and community leaders will rally against the broken policies and decisions of the Department of Buildings that led to the granting of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy to a giant, multi-floor Nike retail space in the middle of one of the most congested shopping districts in the city.
The Nike store is scheduled to open this week inside a new six-story retail complex at the site of a completely demolished building. Despite leaving intact only a small portion of the original party wall, DOB treated the Nike site as an “alteration” of an existing property rather than a new building – a decision that allowed a big-box store to open along a shopping corridor already saturated with retail space.
DOB’s decision – made over the opposition of our local elected official, SoHo activist and the local community board – puts the interests of a global corporation over the safety of pedestrians forced to navigate congested sidewalks and those looking to protect the historic character and zoning laws of one of the City’s most iconic neighborhoods.

Trump Admits SoHo Alliance Caused Him “Unnecessary Anxiety”

-Trump Admits SoHo Alliance Caused Him “Unnecessary Anxiety

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-ACE Leaves SoHo
Trump Admits SoHo Alliance Caused Him “Unnecessary Anxiety
Love him or hate him, you must admit Donald Trump is not shy to admit that he loves a good fight and never gives up.
In his book, Never Give Upthe presidential candidate discusses his “Biggest Challenges”, devoting an entire chapter, I Love A Good Fight, to his battle with the SoHo Alliance when he attempted to build a new residential building here, the Trump SoHo.  
He explains how “zoning laws and local residents, together, created formidable obstacles”.   New residential buildings in SoHo require a zoning variance or special permit but hotels do not.  So Trump instead labeled his building a “condo hotel” in order to avoid this inconvenience.  Additionally, had he gone through the proper route, the building would not have been able to be built so tall.
Trump concedes, “Alliances made it clear that I would not be receiving a warm welcome.”  To say the least. 
He goes on, “The hits kept coming, and it felt like being in the eye of the hurricane…Every adversity served as fuel in what had become a fight of city-sized proportions.”   In his characteristic sanguinity, he declares, “I can guarantee you that my SoHo neighbors are going to love it – eventually.”
The concluding paragraph sums it up well, “SoHo caused perhaps a few more problems than expected…and we are big enough to handle it.  Be sure you have the same attitude – it will save you a lot of unnecessary anxiety.”
Due to several lawsuits and other legal roadblocks from the SoHo Alliance, Trump never got to operate his building as a residential condo.  In fact, it went into foreclosure when Trump failed to sell a single residential unit.  Who wants to buy into a lawsuit? 
It is now operating as a hotel, which is what the zoning laws permit and which is what we wanted him to do all along.  Too bad he didn’t listen to us.
Poll Site Locator
Despite our differences with Donald on zoning issues, the SoHo Alliance is non-partisan.  Whoever is your choice for president, be sure to vote on Tuesday.  Polls open 6am to 9pm.  If you are unsure of your voting site, you can find it here:  https://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/search
ACE Leaving SoHo
ACE, formerly known as the SoHo Partnership, has informed us that it is moving its operations out of SoHo.  
The organization started here in 1992 and helps to rehabilitate recovering homeless while sweeping our streets.  Unfortunately. it can no longer cut it financially here.  The new multinational businesses are reluctant to contribute to this charity and rising wages added to its burden.
As a result, last week ACE’s workers ceased cleaning our sidewalks.  Worse, the Sanitation Department is refusing to empty the special trash bins that ACE used, claiming it slowed their crews down.  So those bins have been removed and you may notice the remaining city trash bins overflow at times.
Another sad development is that ACE can no longer afford the rising commercial rents in SoHo and is locating its offices from Broadway to Long Island City.  The charity has been receiving city funding from the Transportation  Department to maintain several public plazas throughout the city, so at least its worthwhile mission will continue.
ACE served SoHo for a quarter of a century and it will be sorely missed.
Sean Sweeney, Director
SoHo Alliance